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Basic Neurological Nursing Procedures

While some nurses will find a neuro specialty their cup of tea and dive into the intricacies of neuro evaluations, the remainder of nurses on general med/surg floors or other specialties will still need the understanding and proficiency in performing basic evaluations regarding the neurological system. 

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The reason is that while you may be treating a patient for an acute non-neurological problem, information about the effects of chronic neurological illnesses can be helpful in caring for the patient.

For example, if someone is admitted for pneumonia but has a history of a CVA (CardioVascular Accident / stroke) being aware of his physical and mental limitations can go far in promoting safety of the patient while in your care.

So to begin with, we’ll delve into the basics of a neuro assessment including mental status, cranial nerves, motor function, and pupillary response. It isn’t as difficult as you would imagine.

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