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Be A Nursing Mentor And Share What You Know

To paraphrase the saying "It takes a village.. ..to educate a nursing student."

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I’ve always learned better when information was shared in a storytelling narrative. Personal experiences, unplanned reactions and consequences of the participants, sifted down into my brain and tended to stay there much better than dry, academic treatises. I’m hoping that you’re that way too.

Because I’m asking all of you; Every last one of you dyed-in-the-wool, stoic, courageous, intelligent, take-no-prisoners men and women who have a wealth of nursing knowledge between those ears of yours, to share what you know.

I feel like an advertisement for the Marines…. I’m looking for a few good men and women to be one of the few, the proud…. the nursing mentors…..!!!

If I wave the flag would that get you? Seriously, just one story will do.  Not that more wouldn’t be appreciated :) . 

Do You Have Nursing Info You'd Like To Share?

If you can educate nursing students or new graduates with something from your personal nursing experience, please share it here.

What Does It Take To Be A Nursing Mentor?

  • Share one skill or tip that you wouldn’t find in any nursing book that will help the next generation of nurses carry on.  
  • One cautionary tale to keep some newbie out of the tall weeds.
  • How you managed to keep from falling off the edge into burnout.
  • Why you chose your specialty of nursing.
  • How you handled a difficult patient.
  • Time management tips… oh, yeah, that’s gotta be a good one. How do you NOT forget to do something during your shift?

Trust me, once you sit down and start thinking about it, you will be amazed at how much you take for granted as normal, everyday knowledge that the rest of the world is not aware of. I really would like to coax you all out from under that hospital bed and see yourself as a nursing mentor.

ways a nursing mentor can help

 We all have war stories. Tell yours.

I'll review and maybe even do a little light editing if needed, so it doesn’t even need to be really polished. (As if any of these pages are polished!)

If you are wondering how much to write, what I've written on this page is all you would need, not that you couldn't write more if you chose.

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