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Peri Care:
Personal Hygiene For Your Male and Female Patients

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Well, this was quite an eye opener for me. These were so far, the most difficult videos to find!

I guess we are all still a little “puritanical” in our thinking even in this day and age! While there are plenty of peri care videos, they are all on dummies and only one I could find for with male mannequin! Hmmm, a little sexist are we?

Anyway, I have a few videos here. The first is good in terms of seeing how to maintain a good technique while washing the areas. You don’t want to go smearing the gook all over the place. You want to wash it off without dirtying the wash and rinse waters.

This first video also makes good use of limited number of washcloths, so watch how she does it.


Sometimes, you can explain the procedure almost too well.  When you are new at this, you don’t want to stumble over too many words. 

So, I would say, “Hi, Mr. Smith, I’m Linda, your nurse for today. It’s time for some personal hygiene care now, if that’s ok with you. I’m going to get some supplies and then I’ll clean your private areas to make sure you don’t get any rashes or infections.”  End of story.

If I say, "I'm here to do peri care", he may not know what I mean unless he's been in the facility a while.

When I’m ready to turn him over to wash is buttocks, I’ll explain that part to him at that time. 

patient in bed

Professionalism With Peri Care

Trust me, at some point in the near future, you will be handling a strangers private parts cleaning away and all of a sudden you will realize you don’t feel nervous.

You may even be having a very nice conversation about vegetable gardening or some such mundane subject while you’re performing peri care.

BUT….  Don’t start chattering away in the beginning. You need to concentrate on what you’re doing and the chatter will distract you. Silence is fine.

While you want to be thorough in your cleaning, please don’t dawdle! You don’t want your patient exposed any longer than necessary or have them think you enjoy the procedure just a little too much.

Keep up a calm, brisk pace. Don’t pat and dab and play around. Wipe with a firm but gentle hand. "Get ‘er done", as the saying goes. 

Keep a poker face. No grimaces, smirks, or shocked raised eyebrows during peri care. Poker face. Got it?

No comments about smells or funky discharges from body cavities. Professional, please.

When you speak to them look in their eyes. Don’t mumble and avert your eyes.

If possible, when handling the scrotum, use the back of your gloved hand to move it aside. It is less personal that way. If you can’t, that’s fine. Don’t spend minutes trying to use that technique, just do what you have to get the job done and move on.

Really important. With uncircumcised males, pull the foreskin back to clean the penis and remember to put the foreskin back. If you forget, the patient will end up with a very swollen penis! If for any reason you can’t get it back, ask the patient if he will bring the foreskin back down himself. 

You may find the female anatomy a tad slippery to handle before cleaning. Once most of the discharge is removed it gets easier.  

Be gentle with parting the labia on a female patient. No need to pull so far as to give the poor woman an episiotomy. 

Many women are very hesitant to have anyone, female or male cleaning their “down under” as a lot of them call it. Empathize and tell them you will get done as quickly as possible but it is important to get cleaned up. 


  • peri care: short for perineal care
  • perineal: (how to pronounce) The groin area, including the sexual organs 
  • penis: (how to pronounce) external organ for sexual intercourse and also for urination.
  • scrotum: (how to pronounce) the sac containing the testicles
  • clitoris: (how to pronounce) small erectile organ at the anterior end of the inner labia.
  • urethra: (how to pronounce)passage from the bladder in which urine is discharged. Also where semen is discharged in the male.
  • vagina: (how to pronounce) passage leading from the vulva to the cervix of the uterus.
  • labia: (how to pronounce) the folds of skin bordering the vulva. There are two sets, the inner and outer labia.
  • vulva: (how to pronounce) the external female sexual organs including the labia, clitoris, urethra and opening to the vagina.
  • anus: (how to pronounce) the opening at the end of the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes used interchangeably with rectum
  • rectum: (how to pronounce) the end of the large intestine from the sigmoid colon to the anus.

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