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Proper Thigh High TED Hose Application

The whole point of TED hose is to compress the lower limbs to reduce pooling of fluid in the soft tissue. That means getting narrower stockings on a larger limb. This can be a challenge.

You may have already read the companion page on TED hose that deals with the knee high version. This page deals with the issues of thigh high.

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As always, proper fit is essential to promote circulation as opposed to restricting it. Measurement of the patient’s leg gives you the information for them or you to obtain the proper size. 

Make sure the patient has at least 2 pair. One for wearing and one for washing. The stockings should be washed by hand and line dried so the elastic lasts as long as possible.

Average length of time the stockings hold their proper elasticity is about 4 weeks. After that, new ones need to be purchased.

The Stockings

Most thigh high TED hose have a gusset at the thigh end of the stocking that is roughly “U” shaped. It has one side which has the unfinished stitched seam. That unfinished seam should be on the outside of the stocking, placed towards the medial (inner) aspect of the leg, NOT pressing against the skin. Having a rough seam compressed against the skin for any length of time can possibly produce either a pressure ulcer or abrasion of the skin.


TED hose application using the thigh high version can be a real workout for the person applying it without a few accessories. Not that it isn’t possible. But as always, having the right tools makes any task easier.

Depending on your work place these may be available or the patient may be able to purchase them if they are in the home environment. 

If perchance you are unable to perform thigh high TED hose application for any reason, it is best to notify the physician so s/he can decide to either switch to knee high or discontinue the order for compression hose altogether. 

It is also necessary to clarify the order as to whether the hose should be on 24/7 or on during the day and off at night. 

Demo on applying hose

This video is showing the application of support hose, which while it has some compression is less than the TED hose, but the technque remains the same.

You can purchase the donning gloves here. Or if you want to get something locally, you can try getting those dishwashing gloves at your local grocery store. You can also get the extensor here.

"It Stays" Adhesive

Once you get those suckers on all the way up to the thigh, it's important to keep them up and not to allow the stockings to roll themselves down and cut off the circulation. Here's a guy that uses adhesive:

 Since most of us on this planet don't have thighs as thin as our calves, thigh high TED hose application can be problematic above the knee. Using a body adhesive can help for those of us that tend towards the "thunder thigh" anatomy version. "ItStays" body adhesive glue can be purchased here.

"Doff n Donner"

I personally have never had the opportunity to try this little gadget but it sure looks like a winner to me for TED hose application. You can buy the Doff n Donner package here.

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